Nicki Minaj has been catching a lot of criticism in the past 48 hours due to a tirade of tweets claiming her new album, “Queen”, is currently number 1 on the billboard charts. Currently, Travis Scott’s new album “Astroworld” is sitting on top with 205,000 units moved in its second week of release. Minaj’s album is moderately lower in sales at around 185,000 in its second week. Despite these numbers and obvious differences, Minaj has been claiming her album is really number one due to Travis Scott packaging his album with his merchandise sales, as well as Kylie Jenner using her gargantuan online following to help boost awareness on “Astroworld”.

“These” were referring to merchandise bundles that Kylie Jenner was promoting on her social media accounts, inevitably leading to higher exposure and more album sales:

She further explained her frustration here:

As a result of voicing her frustrations, Minaj has been featured on The Breakfast Club‘s segment “Donkey of the Day”, featuring Charlamagne Tha God, Conplex news with DJ Akademiks, and several other news sources that all view her tirade immature and unnecessary. Despite her views on how “Queen” is truly ranked, the number don’t lie and “Astroworld” currently reigns supreme at the number one spot.