This has been a very wild week for Nicki Minaj. She’s made national headlines for bad mouthing Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, claiming Travis unfairly pushed AstroWorld to number one on the Billboard charts by packaging as album with his merchandise sales.  On Wednesday she call Travis Scott a “stupid fuck” on her Apple Music radio show, Queen , and continued her tirade of blaming everyone for her number 2 placement on the hot 100.

Well, Nicki, things just got a lot worse. Sorry Barbie.

According to several reports, Nikki’s joint tour planned with Future, titled “NICKIHENDRXX” tour, has now been canceled due to poor ticket sales. This is only going to add to the flame that Barbz has been fueling. Can you guys imagine how much more fun drama there’s gunna be next week? This should be entertaining.