If you’re a true hip hop head, you know when it comes to the foundation of old school hip-hop production, J Dilla was one of the greatest in history. His last album, “The Shining”, was released in 2006 and is the only album to date to be released after his untimely passing.

Fellow Detroit native Kariem Riggins and longtime friend of dillas it the one who finished the album following Dillas death. Dilla famously said he felt the album was about 75% done at the time of his passing. Many people who were close to the producer say this was mainly attributed to the last finishing touches of mastering the album.

Commercially, the album didn’t meet its full expectations. Although as a piece of cultural influence, it’s impact has been gargantuan. Now BBE Records, the company that put out the classic album, is teaming up with Berlin-based company HHV to release about 500 limited edition golden vinyls of the album that will be going for a price tag of $30.

The record will also be released with a special edition 40-page booklet with an introductory essay and interview with Peter Adarkwah, founder of BBE Records.

So here’s to the illustrious career of that cool cat named Dilla. Rest In Peace and thank you for your permanent impact in hip hop.