Artist: Bas

Label:  Dreamville

Position In Catalog: Third Album

Album Length:  14 Tracks

Notable Features:  J. Cole, Ari Lennox, A$AP Ferg

Bas has long been a upcoming rapper to watch and unfortunately it seems this happens too often in the music world. A unique artist puts out multiple pieces that are considered classics in some non-mainstream circles immediately, yet the artist still struggles for years to reach the recognition they deserve.

Well, I finally think the wait is over for the breakout Dreamville artist and best friend of J. Cole. His third studio album, titled Milky Way, is setting the tone for all of Dreamville artist and raises the bar for Bas’ talent and expectations as an artist. The album holds a tone of wavey vibes and blunt-smoking music that carries on throughout its entire length. His melodic hymns followed with his intellectual bars makes for a great listen on this 14 track piece of work. A$AP Ferg lends his bars and vocals on “Boca Raton”, with the jazzy instrumentation fitting very well for both Ferg and Bas.

The track “Icarus” was released earlier this year with vocals from Ari Lennox, but it’s addition to this album fits perfectly with the solid vibes and melodies Dreamville artists are world famous for. Bas really seems to have matured his art form, yet he still gives his old fans the same wavy instrumentals and bars that made us fall for the artist in the beginning. Not only does it contain a little something for everybody, but it also makes you close your eyes and become serenaded by the Queens-to-Paris aftertones of Bas. Additionally, the New York sounds are heavily prevalent throughout the album. It sounds as if Bas has been lounging on exotic beaches and in eastern villages. It’s exoctic yet still so familiar.

All in all, we give this album an 8 out of 10. It keeps us Bas heads happy yet also opens door for new listeners to fall in love with his unique style. This album may just be his best piece of work to date, though we’ll have to give it a little more time to see just exactly how this album settles with everyone as time goes on.

Well done Bas, well done.