Stage Name:

Schoochy Money


Detroit, MI






Schoochy Money is an artist out of Detroit, MI that most don’t know of…yet. When we tell you we hear something special in this kid, we’re not playing around. The gritty Detroit sound is prevelant in the upcoming spitter and he seems to have the dedication and motivation to really manifest some great work for the hip-hop art form.  Apparently, Schoochy started really concentrating on his rapping after his brother became incarcerated. He is planning on using his music to help his brother escape the walls of prison early, and we can’t help but think he might just pull it off. Some of his hottest songs include, “Jugg Walk”, “Karate Kick”, and “Grind Time”. Definitely remember to keep a close eye on this kid, and when he does make it, remember that you heard it from the cartel first.

Check out Schoochy Money’s video for his track “Grind Time” below: