Self Infatuation is an apparel empire on the rise in the world of streetwear. Coming hot out of Charlotte, NC, the brand draws motivation and creative inspiration through the goal of destimatizing the ideas of sin and narcissism found in society.

 “Both sin and narcissism were topical earlier in society but the two are necessary to live your life to the fullest and to enjoy your time on earth”.

The companies main focus of visuals come from the Renaissance Era and often exhibit work depicting angels, demons, sin, narcissism, hate, and love. They maintain a message of accepting everyone for who they are and always keeping an open mind when bringing in new people. Self Infatuation  visuals come from several baroque and renaissance artists, although their main artist of inspiration is “the brilliant Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio, who very fittingly was known for his narcissism and sinful behavior.” It’s a fresh, classy take on streetwear and has already gained a buzz on the Internet. They offer graphic hoodies and tees for very reasonable prices and hold a certain aesthetic that is sure to be welcomed with open arms by street culture.

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