2018 has been an incredible year for the music industry. Especially true when referring to Culture Cartel’s true love, hip-hop. We as music fans have received several critically acclaimed albums this year from Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, J. Cole, Kanye West, Migos, Cardi B, Drake, Denzel Curry, Pusha T, and Nas. All have given us beautiful pieces of hip-hop art and reminded many of us why we fell in love with the music to begin with.

There is a great debate on which album will recieve the holy grail of music albums this year at the Grammys, but like most things in life, this debate is completely subjective. However, we wouldn’t be a music blog if we didn’t at least try to portray our opinion. As a result, take a look at our picks for the top 5 albums, in no particular order, that we feel have the highest probability of taking home the Grammy for 2018 Album of the Year.

  1.  Astroworld –  Travis Scott

   Notable Tracks:  “Stargazing”, “Sickomode”, “Stop Trying to Be God”   Notable Tracks: “Stargazing”, “Sickomode”, “Stop Trying to Be God”

Travis Scott’s third studio album, Astroworld, dives head first into what we love Travis Scott for, the hard-hitting music. There’s no gimmicks, no filler-content, and no hyped up weak features. It’s all pure, unadulterated psychedelic-trap that Scott is famous for. Honestly, this album overshadows all other work by the artist. It’s almost as if all his work prior to Astroworld  was merely a warm-up for this billboard chart topping project. With features from Drake, Kid Cudi, and even the legendary Stevie Wonder, it’s hard to not see why this album has lead to some of Scott’s biggest accomplishment thus far in his career. Along with the drama branching off from Nicki Minaj not gaining the number one spot on the billboard charts due to the release of Astroworld, the clout surrounding this project is monumental for 2018.

 2. KOD – J. Cole 

   Notable Tracks:   “Kevin’s Heart”, “ATM”, “KOD”    Notable Tracks:   “Kevin’s Heart”, “ATM”, “KOD”

J. Coles fifth consecutive number one album, KOD, is a masterclass in preparation and delivery. The process Cole executes to deliver his lyrical content is impeccable. Other artists in the game need to take notes on how Cole delivers his projects with little to no promotion. He has long been considered one of the leaders of the new school, along with Kendrick Lamar, and KOD  is a testament to why that is a widely accepted view among music lovers. Cole does the production, writes all of his lyrics, and most importantly delivers them with the charisma and confidence of any seasoned rapper. Along with his rightly titled cover of Nas’ song “Ochoa Wally”, called Album of the Year, Coles braggadocious bravado and confidence shines through his music and really sets him apart from the rest of the game.

        3. Kids See Ghosts –  Kanye West & Kid CudI

   Notable Tracks:   “Kids See Ghost”, “4th Dimension”, “Fire”   Notable Tracks:   “Kids See Ghost”, “4th Dimension”, “Fire”

Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s supergroup-duo “Kids See Ghost” was one of the most highly anticipated albums from G.O.O.D. Music’s rollout of 7-track albums for their signees. The eponymous album of the same name conveyed in 7 songs what many albums strive for in 15 or 20. It’s high level mastery of audio at its finest and who better to deliver such a package rather than Kid Cudi and G.O.O.D Music founder Yeezy himself. Tracks like “4th Dimension” and “Fire” convey that “old Kanye” sound that so many of us miss from the days of The College Dropout and Late Registration. Cudi also returns with his subtle hums and melodies that will leave your head bobbing like you’re on the bumpiest of rides. Grammy material or not, it’s hard not to include such a great piece of music to this list.

4. Scorpion – Drake

  Notable Track: “    Nonstop”, “In My Feelings”, “I’m Upset”   Notable Track: “   Nonstop”, “In My Feelings”, “I’m Upset”

Mr. Aubrey Graham has come a very long way from his days of Portraying his character Jimmy on Degrassi.  Graham, known internationally now as one of the best selling rappers in recent memory, has gained critical acclaim from almost every industry he’s dabbled in. Album after album he’s managed to remain as one of the best out, and his most recent release, Scorpion, is no exception. With an A and a B side, one giving R&B lovers heartaching tracks and the other being a tribute to hip-hop heads, Scorpion has been able to please a much wider audience than most albums are able to achieve. If this isn’t one of Drakes best pieces of work to date then it’s sure damn close. He touches on subjects of fame, humility, money, and power and he seems to be in a much clearer state of mind than before. A Grammy nod is almost certain due to Drakes mainstream successes, although this one actually feels worthy on many other levels.

5. Invasion of Privacy – Cardi B

  Notable Tracks:      “Bodak Yellow”, “I Like It”, “Be Careful”   Notable Tracks:     “Bodak Yellow”, “I Like It”, “Be Careful”

Many artists have put out singles as big as  Bodak Yellow, though not many were able to ride that wave all the way to a chart topping album along with a fan base as ravenous as Cardi’s. The Bronx queen has reigned supreme over the billboard charts with multiple top 10 hits to display on her resume and her larger than life personality has led her to being one of the most beloved female rappers presently in the game. Though Nicki Minaj set the standard for female rappers in the 21st century, Cardi has brought out the life in her music to degrees not thought possible for the female gender before. This puts Invasion of Privacy right in the middle of being considered a modern day classic and surely it deserves a Grammy nod on attests one category nomination.

Do you guys agree with our 5 choices? Who do you think should get the Grammy nod for 2018 Album of the Year?