Stage Name:

Jay Critch


Brooklyn, NY


Rich Forever



Jay Critch hails from the concrete jungle itself, the east coast rap breeding ground of Brooklyn, New York. It’s difficult holding the weight of such an iconic city on your shoulders, but Jay  has managed to do so in spectacular fashion. His slow and steady ascent to the top has been intense to watch, though it seems he’s here to make waves for good. He’s managed to keep a solid fan base which he grew organically, and has made moves in the game without much help thus far. He has been slightly overshadowed after being signed to Rich Forever, due to Famous Dex and Rich the Kid being so massively hyped recently, though the Brooklyn rapper is beginning to receive the recognition he truly deserves. Not only can Critch deliver the lyrical content that has been lacking in the recent rap game, but he adds the turn-up swag that has the new generation feeling a certain type of way. Some of his hottest songs to date include “Bottom Line”, “Speak Up”, and “Talk About”.

Check out the music video for his song “Adlibs” below: