NBA YoungBoy has been dropping music at a rate of Gucci Mane in the mid 2000’s. It’s impossible to keep up with the releases recently. His work ethic is obviously in a whole new lane compared to his counterparts in the rap game. 3 EP’s and one mixtape all in 2 weeks time is something to talk about. And it’s not just filler content either, some of his tracks including “Demon Seed”, “338”, and “No Love” are actual bangers that make you want to go take a cruise in your whip just as an excuse to bump some hot new music.

His consistency in dropping new music is growing his already considerable fan base organically. His newest mixtape, titled Decided, dropped last night on August 6th and has not left fans disappointed. Stars like Kevin Gates and Quando Rondo have appearances on his lastest EP’s, though Decided  seems to be mainly a solo event, besides a lone feature from Trippie Redd.

With so much music being released by the same artist in such a short amount of time, you would think it would begin to sound repetitive and drawn-out, but that’s not even close to the case. YoungBoy has the special ability of making a new sound on every single track while still keeping a unique aesthetic that separates him from his peers in hip-hop. His presence is growing larger by the day and that’s even with recent allegations by his ex-girlfriend that they both have the Herpes Simplex virus. People on social media have been going in calling him “STD YoungBoy” and asking is his song “Demon Seed” refers to the virus itself. Despite this criticism and drama, the music he is releasing is good enough to look the other way for a while and just bob your head to the sweet sounds of Baton Rouge.

Thanks YoungBoy.