Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaborative album Watch the Throne is widely considered a modern day classic for all generations of hip-hop lovers. The two legendary music producers and rappers have long been looked at as one of the most influential duos in modern hip-hop memory. They are both masterful in their craft and have been able to hold a strong hold in mainstream media and spotlights. Its a combination that has accumulated in a massive fan base for each artist, and thethought of the two collaborating sends shockwaves throughout the industry.

Well people, it looks like its time to clear some download space on your streaming devices because the second Watch the Throne has been officially hinted at from Kanye himself.


This is likely going to be a great album when its finally released, or at least a viral one due to the two rappers popularity and mainstream presences. Kanye and Jay-Z get masterful when they work together. Were a couple babies in for both rappers, a MAGA hat, and a few albums in since the first Watch the Throne so this will be very interesting to see which direction the project takes this time around.