Mac Miller was one of the few artists I can personally remember growing up in a time when a lot of people are first starting to realize who they really are, high school. I remember hearing the song “Nikes On My Feet” and immediately asking, “Who is this?” I would soon learn he was an upcoming rapper from Pittsburgh, PA who went to Taylor Allderdice High School, the same school of another favorite rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Soon after, Mac’s first album, titled “K.I.D.S. (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit)” would be dropped and I knew right away he was someone i’d be listening to from there on out. Fast forward 8 years and Miller had become a superstar in the rap game. Regularly touring sold out arenas, dropping a number one album on the billboard 200, and dating pop-princess Ariana Grande. Not only did he survive his initial hype that got him noticed, he had elevated himself to a point beyond anything I could have imagined for him.

I continued to love most of his music, and always loved how he carried himself in interviews and as a person in general. Confident, yet humble. Funny, but still able to articulate his inner thoughts. And the drug habits he endured, while not admired, was relatable to me during darker times in life. I understood how emotions and situations could feel numbed or temporarily ignored with the help of drugs. Being in the spotlight and position he was in as a major star, I can only imagine it was that much more intense for Mac during his own darker times in life. While appearing normal after his infamous breakup with Ariana Grande earlier this year, the subsequent DUI and rumors of lack of self-care had me thinking he may be in a bad, bad spot. But never did I feel it would end in an accidental overdose. If anything, his demeanor in his recent interviews showed a mature Mac Miller, speaking on how he was happy for Ariana in moving on with her life and how he was only seeing the positivity in things in his present life. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and anyone could be feeling a completely different way on the inside than whats actually being shown on the surface.

His final performance was at “The Hotel Café”:

Yesterday, September 7th, 2018, Mac Miller was announced dead by paramedics after being found unresponsive in his San Fernando Valley home. Accidental overdose has been ruled as the most likely cause of death for Mac, real name Malcolm McCormick. Immediately, fans began to go in on Ariana Grande on her instagram, accusing her of being the cause for Mac Miller’s spiral downwards into drugs, ultimately leading to his overdose. They similarly blamed her for Millers May 2018 DUI where he crashed his Mercedes Benz into a pole before being arrested. This is due to Arianas abrupt dumping of Mac, and then becoming engaged to SNL star Pete Davidson less than a month later. After a two year relationship, its hard to conceive how someone would move on so quickly if the love was true in the relationship. Despite this opinion, I also believe its not fair to blame Ariana for Mac’s death. He was his own person and she’s not to blame for being unable to save his life. He had his own demons and her moving on with her life for her own safety should be admired, not condemned.  Taking care of yourself is always number one, you can’t let someone elses decisions bring your life to a lower point than before.

Mac Miller will be remember by his loving family, friends, and fans across the world. He was a voice for young people and he always carried himself with a certain kindness not seen often in todays world. Legends never die, and I’m very eager to see where his legacy unfolds in the years to come.