Shady Record’s and Compton, CA native Boogie has recently starred in a new Snickers commercial featuring the legendary Sir Elton John. The commercial takes place in the same house featured on Boogies recently released music video for his track “Deja Vu”. At the time it was not apparent that a few weeks later the house and party scene would also be the place of the new commercial however it’s a sweet, sweet surprise for Biggie fans. In the new running ad, there is a house full of people who are seemingly partying and in the midsection of the home there is a large group circling some freestylers going at each other. As one finishes spitting his bars, Elton John hops on the bars and tries to go back at his opponent but the flow is weak and the lyrics are dry. Elton’s friend stops him mid-freestyle and tells him to eat a Snickers bar. Immediately Elton John turns into Boogie who proceeds to go in hard with the raps he’s become so prominent with.

Take a look at the new commercial below:

And be sure to catch Boogie new album coming out this October! Here’s the music video for his song “Deja Vu” here:

It’s greta to finally see the boy Boogie get some real recognition on a big platform with a huge superstar like Elton John. Moving up 10-20 notches.

But where the hell is the Isaiah Rashad collab we’re all dying to hear??!