Stage Name:

POP Buchanan


Brooklyn, NY






  If you haven’t heard of POP Buchanan before finding this profile, do yourself a favor and get well versed now. The upcoming spitter is destined for much bigger things than what’s already on his impressive resumé. Coming straight out of the beast coast’s homestead of great artists, Brooklyn, POP Buchanan has a certain sound that separates him from his peers in todays rap game. He has a gritty production that is reminiscent of “old Kanye” with soulful samples and hi-fi reproduction. Its something that is not prominent in the music industry today, and POP Buchanan seems to be spearheading the comeback of this classic sound. The Brooklyn native draws inspiration for his unique style from several sources, including Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Common, and Jay-Z. With over a decade of work in the underground scene, it seems POP Buchanan is steadily heading towards his big break in the industry, so get ahead of the curve now and be sure to check out his SoundCloud and website in the links above. Some of POP’s hottest tracks to date include “Dance Is Forbidden”, “Elevate”, and “Mark of the Beast”.

Check out the music video for his track “The Promise Land” below: