Stage Name: 

Sha Hef


The Bronx, NY


Blackmarket Records



If you’re a love of East Coast hip-hop and are searching for a new artist with a lot to offer, look no further than Sha Hef. The Bronx native has bars, on bars, on bars, and isn’t afraid to get creative with his music and step outside the box in today’s rap climate. He has the skills of picking great production as well as being able to lyrically express his inner thoughts and feelings. He makes you feel like you’re right on the block with him when he gets busy on the mic and always delivers with the same electric energy. His album Out the Mud is a hard knock view into street life and may even leave you wanting to hit the streets with an arsenal of weapons. He’s not for the easily offended, and we love every damn bit of it. It’s not often you have an artist that can display that kind of bravado, much in the same way YG carries himself in the industry. It’s a fascinating combination of elements and is even more enticing to listen to. Some of his hottest songs to date include “Dope Dealer”, “Let’s Go”, and “Korner Hot”.

Check out the video for his song “Super Villain” below: