Artist: 6LACK

Label: Interscope Records

Position In Discography: Second Album

Album Length: 14 Tracks

Notable Features: J. Cole, Future, Khalid

 The long wait is over, almost two years since his first studio album, FREE 6LACK, the young Baltimore artist 6LACK is soaring back on the scene with his sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter. This album is a must listen if you’ve even remotely liked any of 6LACK’s music in the past. Almost exclusively executively produced by some of his freshman albums biggest contributors, Singawd and Yakob, EALL is an album we can all immediately find remembrance in.

  6LACK has definitely grown and evolved into his greatest form since first rising to stardom. He still has the sensual R&B waves we love him for but his vibe is somewhat more mature this time around. This may indeed be a result of him recently becoming a father to a new daughter (that’s him with the 1-year old on the cover). It’s a more refined sound and something I think you guys are going to really find more tracks you relate with than on FREE 6LACK.  He speaks on the journey of love, moments in relationships that define pain, and views on life from the eyes of a young East Side artist. It’s a narrative we’ve all been waiting for and now we can all breathe and hit the replay button for a couple weeks.

Okay, let’s get into the good stuff my people, what does this album really bring to the table in today’s music climate? It has features from some of the industries biggest names in R&B and rap, including J. Cole, Khalid, Future, and Offset. They all have amazing contributions to the sophomore album, and really help accentuate 6LACK’s soft tones of heartbreak. Young Thug was expected to make an appearance on the track “Thuggers Interlude” despite not being announced as a featured artist originally, but disappointingly a full Thugger verse didn’t make it on the project. Instead, 6LACK takes the wheel on the track and talks about how he has only been listening to trap music, Young Thug in particular, because it helps him forget about the stresses in his life (his girl, fame, etc…).

Going under

Tryna keep myself from going under

I’ve been listening to Young Thugger

When it’s good, it’s good

But the question is, are you down to fuck

with the other side? (No cap, no rap cap)

Lately I been bumping trap music

Don’t wanna listen if I can’t dab to it

’Cause all that other shit makes me think

about all the things I don’t wanna think


Its a short, but sweet track that is almost better than an actual feature from Thugger. But don’t be too sad, Young Thug did provide uncredited background vocals in the song “Switch” alongside Ty Dilla $ign.

J. Cole unsurprisingly provides one of my favorite features on the entire album, going into his melodic and catchy tunes we all love Cole World for on the song , “Pretty Little Fears”. The song marks the first collaboration between the two artists and it’s a long awaited one from fans of both artists. They collide very well on the song, both having history of speaking on love and relationships in the past, as well as fears of letting go and moving forward. It’s something we can really dig into, with 6LACK taking on the chorus and first two verses with Cole following right behind for the third and final verse. Beautiful craftsmanship in music in full force right here in 2018. Amazing.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the very title track, “East Atlanta Love Letter”, carries the anticipated feature with Future and is definitely living up to the hype as of now. This is definitely a song you would expect Future to vibe with and offer his services for. It’s a sensual, soul-bearing dedication and Futures auto-tune fits oh-so-well right in the final verse of the song.

“This a East Atlanta Love Letter

Who gon’ love better? Nobody

Because I say so, and my words hit like a


It’s a great duet that the hip-hop scene needs right now. It’s a piano based, synth washed version of stuff reminiscent of “808’s and Heartbreaks” as well as The Weeknd’s “House of Balloons” from 2011. It shows maturity and love-sensibility, but also coveys thuggish bravado and street credibility on a whole other level.

This album was not a disappointment in the very least. I don’t know how mainstream success will fall into place with the general audiences of music, but as far as true R&B heads, this is a gem. It shows the return of the young artist 6LACK and still has the same soft sounds that rose him to major prominence a few years ago. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. No matter if your heart is aching from a recent breakup or you’re as happy as ever, it can relate to us on multiple moods and will definitely be a project to remember in 6LACK’s ever-evolving music catalog. What did you think of the album?

 6lack’s East Atlanta Love Letter Tracklist


2. “Loaded Gun”

3. “East Atlanta Love Letter” featuring Future

4. “Let Her Go”

5. “Sorry”

6. “Pretty Little Fears” featuring J. Cole

7. “Disconnect”

8. “Switch”

9. “Thugger’s Interlude”

10. “Balenciaga Challenge” featuring Offset

11. “Scripture”

12. “Nonchalant”

13. “Seasons” featuring Khalid

14. “Stan”