“I rather be 80-year old me, than 20-year old you.”


The fiery feud between the two white rappers Eminem and MGK has become the things of memes and general talk among the hip-hop community. Not many people have been brave enough to step forward and challenge the “Rap God” Eminem in many, many years. He’s well known in the industry for destroying emcee’s, notably why he’s considered one of the goats in rap history. Its the same as stepping into the ring with Mike Tyson and thinking you’re going to walk out unscathed…its a far stretch. When Eminems Kamikaze surprise album dropped, not many people realized how many people Eminem was going to call out and drag through the mud. Even less people thought that of all the names called out, Machine Gun Kelly would be the one to jump headfirst in the fire by releasing his notorious diss track “Rap Devil”. Eminem recently sat down in an exclusive interview with Sway where he talked about why he chose to call everybody out, including MGK, and what he thought about MGK in general:

Well, Eminem is not one to stay quiet. MGK might be in serious, serious trouble people. Today, the Real Slim Shady really came with that fire with another diss song, rightly titled “KILLSHOT”. Its a goddamn masterclass in self-preparation and lyrical lethal tactics. He respond’s to specifics brought up by MGK in his “Rap Devil” diss, including when MGK says “Last time you saw 8 Mile was at home on a treadmill.” In response, Em, says, “Im really sorry you want me to have a heartattack/Was watching’ 8 Mile on my NordicTrack/Realized I forgot to call you back.” But Eminem had so many harder lines than just that:

 “Your reply got the crowd yelling, ‘Woo’

So before you die let’s see who can out-petty who

With your corny lines (Slim, you’re old)

Ow, Kelly, ooh, but I’m 45 and I’m still

outselling you

By 29 I had three albums that had blew”

Some serious cold bars, but that not even all of it. He continued:

“Go play, feel like I’m babysitting Lil Tay

Got the Diddy okay so you spent your whole day

Shootin’ a video just to fuckin’ dig your own grave

Got you at your own wake, I’m the billy goat

You ain’t never made a list next to no Biggie, no Jay

Next to Taylor Swift, and that Iggy hoe,

you about to really blow Kelly, they’ll be putting your name

Next to Ja, next to Benzino, die, motherfucker”

Like the last motherfucker sayin’ Hailie in vain

Eminem is widely known for getting into some serious rap beefs with Benzino and Ja Rule, ultimately and widely accepted as ending their careers following his retaliations at the two once huge superstars. This why Em is a savage rapper and is known for digging graves in the hip-hop game. Although, you do have to give it up for MGK for even having the bravery (or stupidity) for going at Eminem the way he did, and with some seriously good bars as well in “Rap Devil”. But he’s going to have to go back to the drawing board and have some serious ammunition if he’s going to reply again or even have a chance of surviving into later rounds in this rap beef. Who do you guys have in this fight of lyricist?

Check out the song “KILLSHOT” below: