If you’ve been near the hip-hop industry, you known theres usually a person in the culture that is used as a punchline in peoples jokes and conversations. It’s been Trinidad James, J. Cole, Drake, and more recently, Russ. If you don’t know who he is, Russ is the long-haired pretty boy who is always bragging about how talented he is and how everyone with drug abuse issues is a moron. Very narcissistic and egotistic, leading many to denounce Russ in the hip-hop industry. Recently, on The Breakfast Club in particular, Russ was questioned by Charlamagne tha God on why he was so hated in hip-hop and Russ responded with the following:

Now this is kinda relatable I guess (I’m playing the devils advocate, I know) but what followed this viral interview was footage of Russ having a crew of 5-6 people jump Smokepurpp at a festival in Germany earlier this year, with Russ stating he “handled them” himself. I don’t know where your definitions lays, but in my book, getting someone jumped is not “handling” anything yourself, at least not with good morals.

Well, now it comes out that Adam22 of No Jumper fame was also attacked by a gang of goons sent by Russ back in January 2018. Adam stated recently he had no idea at the time is was Russ until Russ recently went on Akademiks YouTube channel and bragged about getting Smokepurpp and Adam jumped. Adam also stated he has been asking around and realized there’s several others who have had this situation with Russ and a few are planning on coming out with their stories very soon. This is cowardly behavior at its finest. It’s one thing to deal with people who are talking down on you, that is understandable. But bragging about it and acting tough when you didn’t even throw a single punch yourself is something that cringe worthy and embarrassing to watch. So let me be the first with The Cartel to make this clear, FUCK RUSS and FUCK THIS COWARD SHIT.

That is all.