Stage Name:

Isaiah Rashad


Chattanooga, TN


Top Dawg Entertainment




Packing melodies that could catch any radio wave and lyrics that hold true with the likes of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, Chattanooga’s Isaiah Rashad is a masterful storyteller and artist. Through the power of his raps, the young spitter paints pictures with vivid wordplay and catchy hooks, and always leaves your ear wanting more. He has worked with the likes of TUT, Kendrick, SZA, and Jay Rock in the past although it is unsure if he has ventured out into other realms of the music world. Having released his sophomore album back in 2016 under Top Dawg Entertainment, titled The Suns Tirade, Isaiah has been quite reclusive since and has only given out a handful of hints regarding any upcoming projects. Despite this, Rashad fans remain vigilant and hopeful that he will be releasing another album or EP that will keep us sustain for a few more years. With artist like SZA, Kendrick, Ab-Soul, and others on the TDE roster releasing work this year, its only inevitable for Zay to join his teammates with some fire drops very soon.

If you aren’t very familiar with Isaiah but have a good outlook on the rest of the TDE artists, go ahead and start with his first projects, Pieces of a Kid & Cilvia Demo, and then work your way towards The Suns Tirade. This way you can truly see his incredible evolution as an artist only over a few projects, which speaks louder than words as far as artistry goes. Rashad is one to almost never dissapoint, always bringing in element of the street life along with touches of love and humility in the face of struggle and success. You can catch vibes from Zay in almost any mood, and he is constantly fitting in metaphors that you have to hear multiple times to actually catch. If you are an avid hip-hop head and appreciate a unique sound, do yourself a favor and go look up Isaiah immediately. I promise you won’t regret it.

Are you an Isaiah Rashad fan? Be sure to check out the songs “Park”, “Ronnie Drake”, “Free Lunch”, and “Wats Wrong” by Isaiah Rashad and check out the video for his song “Smile” below: