Well folks, the polls are in and i’m pretty sure Eminem has officially started arraigning funeral services for Machine Gun Kelly following the soon-to-be iconic diss song “KILLSHOT”. The feud all began a little over a month ago with the release of Eminems surprise album Kamikaze where the legend emcee went in on everyone and their mother, including Machine Gun Kelly on the song “Not Alike”. Despite this, not many thought MGK would come swinging back with the half-hearted diss track “Rap Devil” which has garnered an impressive 94 million views on youtube and has even made it to the number 1 spot on Apple Music. But then, Em’s “KILLSHOT” was dropped unexpectedly following a series of interviews with Sway where he even said he didn’t feel like he would be responding to MGK. It was a surprise to everyone and left many of us thinking MGK would not be able to come back from such a savage verbal beating.

This week, news was spread that MGK walked on stage to a packed crowd of Fall Out Boy fans during their joint tour together where the rapper was wearing the “KILLSHOT” logo and allegedly tricked the audience into giving the middle finger while he revealed the shirt at the end to the crowd. Video surfaced of MGK trying to perform “Rap Devil” to a crowd of booing fans who only became more and more upset and unpleased as MGK got further into the song. Its a sad ending to a quick rap beef, but its also not the most surprising. It doesn’t seem anyone has been able to start beef with Eminem and walk away unscathed, which leaves Kelly in the grave with Benzino and Ja Rule. But who knows, maybe MGK will come back from this.

Today it has been announced that “KILLSHOT” has shattered records and become the biggest debut ever on YouTube for a hip-hop song and it didn’t even contain a music video. If that doesn’t cement Em’s legacy as a destroyer of emcees, Im not sure what will. What did you guys think of this rap beef? Is their more to come or is it actually over for MGK?