Recently, Kanye West took to his social media to express his mind not being right due to feeling several people are disrespecting Kim’s name. He accused Drake and Nick of sleeping with his wife in the past and talking about it openly instead of respecting her and staying quiet.

Of all people, Nick Cannon is probably the one guy you wouldn’t expect someone to start beef with or talk down to. He’s one the most down to earth, chill guys i’ve ever seen and always handles situation diplomatically and with the utmost respect. This being said, it wasn’t too surprising how Nick chose to respond to Kanyes accusations today when he took to instagram to explain his views:

“First off, let me say welcome back ‘Ye from the sunken place. It’s a beautiful thing. Glad you back with us brother. Nothing but love and respect for you. I honestly gotta say this, my dude. I’ve never said anything disrespectful or harmful to your, in my opinion, to your marriage or your marriage or your union… But you not gonna tell me what I can and can’t say. I’m a solid individual. Somebody ask me a question, I’mma answer it to the best of my ability. I’mma give my opinion.”

He continued to comment:

“I know if it got your spirit feelin’ weird, holla at me. You know where I’m at… ‘Cause a man’s spirit is free but you know, pride binds it at times.”

Following this explanation of his views, Nick continued to offer a way of defusing the situation by inviting Kanye to come join the Wild ‘N Out 200th episode that is set to air at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

Check out the full clips from Cannon below: