It seems that all the hype surrounding Lil Waynes new album, Tha Carter V, has come to a halt as the expected drop time of midnight came and went with no signs of new Weezy anywhere. Its a big let down to Weezy fans worldwide as we thought for sure after years and years of delays, it was finally time. The hype around the album started with a list of celebrities started posting photos of the roman numeral “V”, eluding to the fifth entry in Tha Carter series. This included posts from Floyd Mayweather, Jr., James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, and more. Floyd was the first to pop up with a post about Wayne and due to his hashtag of the number 21 many assumed the album would drop on September 21st.

In addition to this, Weezy’s own daughter, Reginae, also posted the same album cover with a simple caption of “#C5”. This was a huge sign for us that the album was indeed on its way, but it looks as though we were once again wrong.

We need to ask Reginae to ask her daddy where the damn music is at, cause this is getting old.

In a bit of good news however, producers Cool & Dre did recently confirmed the legitimacy of a tracklist and album cover circulating on the internet that claims to be for The Carter V. The two beat makers claim to be the production behind the song “Scottie Pippen” although many people are thinking this may not be the actual tracklist or cover we will receive, despite the confirmation from Cool & Dre.

Well, I guess this means its back to constant waiting and bitching about where the hell Tha Carter V is. Its okay though, whenever Wayne does stop playing with us and drops the anticipated album, it will all be worth it.