Fans waited in anticipation on September 20th all day until midnight thinking we were finally going to receive the mythical fifth instalment of Lil Waynes Tha Carter series. The album has been in works for years but has been pushed back by delays due to legal feuds between Cash Money, Weezy, and Birdman. When midnight hit and no sign of Wayne was anywhere to be seen, the internet exploded. People were furious that after thinking the long wait was finally over they were all duped one last time.

Well, its finally official, and Tha Carter V with be dropping this week on Septemeber 27th, landing on Weezys 36th birthday. The Young Money headboss announced the set release in a video uploaded to his social media plateforms.

“On my birthday, I actually have something special. I will be releasing Tha Carter V on my birthday,” Weezy said. “Y’all hung in there with me, so I can’t do nothing but thank y’all for all the love and all the passion and every ounce of anything.”

Check it out below.

The album cover features Wayne as a child with his mother standug behind him. It fits his previous two album covers on Tha Carter 3 & 4 that also feature younger photos of Weezy (face tats and all).

Are you guys finally ready for Tha Carter V?