Lil Wayne’s long-awaited 12th studio album, Tha Carter V, was finally released this Thursday, September 27th, landing on Weezy’s 36th birthday. The album has been a thing of myths and legends in the hip-hop community due to the many years it took to actually receive the project. We thought many times in the past that we were going to receive the album, but due to several different circumstances, we were always left with no new Wayne tracks. We’ve have been receiving several hints about the album over the last month and thought for sure we were receiving the album on September 21st, but when midnight hit and no album was produced, people lost hope all over again. Today was the end of all of our pain-staking waiting and Tha Carter V is finally among us. Not only did we get a packed album with a large 23-tracklist, with an hour and 23 minutes of pure Weezy, but we also got to hear some incredible features including Ashanti, Travis Scott, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, and even a posthumous Xxxtentacion track. The project received production from several beat makers including Ben Billions, Johhny Yukon, Swizz Beats, Infamous, and more.

Wayne has retained the same classic sound he is famous for and seems to have given his fans a little something for every mood and vibe. We have soulful tracks like “Start This Shit Off” featuring Ashanti & Mack Maine, as well as the hard-hitting bangers like “Open Safe” which showcase the lyrical wordplay we love Wayne for. It marks the first album ever released by Weezy that isn’t under the Cash Money label, which he arguably kept alive through all these years. The track “Mona Lisa” featuring Kendrick Lamar gives us a story of a promiscuous woman, represented by Mona Lisa, who has been cheating on her boyfriend with several famous rappers.

Kendrick spits in his verse:

“Matter of fact, bitch, gimme your phone (No)
You fucking with Wayne? (No)
Bitch, gimme your phone
No, let me take this call real quick
…lick me like a lollipop
He on your fucking ringtone?
Is that the shit that you do?
Touching yourself, looking at Kendrick videos
Jump on the internet, watching his interviews
I don’t know what the fuck, lately gotten into”

Weezy carries on this trend in his own verse:

“Fall asleep with that bitch and really don’t know much about her
Then she let us in, we take all of your shit
And when you wake up, she help you try to find it, I love it
I be with bitches that be with bitches that be with niggas with riches”

Another standout song on Tha Carter V is the posthumous track with Xxxtentacion titled “Don’t Cry”. X takes on the chorus and Wayne provides the background vocals and verses of the track where he discusses many difficult situations he’s experienced over his lifetime. This song marks the first ever collaboration from the two artists and one of the few tracks featuring X to be released following his untimely death in June 2018. Not many people knew about the possibility of this track until yesterday when rumors began to surface across the internet. It is a huge surprise for fans of Xxxtentacion and is a wonderful remembrance of his talent and impact on the hip-hop industry.

Tha Carter V is finally here and we couldn’t be more grateful and happy to finally have the project in our hands. Its been a long road of legal issues, rapper beef, and teasing of fans, but it all came to an incredible end today. Thank you Lil Wayne, we are so happy to finally have you back.

What did you guys think of the newest Weezy project?

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